What can we do about the climate crisis?

Scientists believe that emissions of greenhouse gases need to decline rapidly over the next 20 years to avoid extreme climate change and its worst effects.

Carbon dioxide is currently the main greenhouse gas causing climate change. Every tonne emitted into the atmosphere commits the world to more warming, but every tonne we avoid emitting helps reduce the risk.

The good news is there is lots we can do to tackle climate change, from taking practical action to reduce our carbon footprint to lobbying governments to do more to tackle climate change on a national and global level. Visit the Take Action section of this website for lots of ideas. Many of them will bring other benefits, such as new jobs, improved local environments and economic growth.

Tackling Climate Change in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

Lots of people and organisations in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire are taking action to tackle climate change. This is often saving them money, making buildings warmer and improving the quality of their lives. It can also be fun! If we all take action then we can make sure the area remains a great place to live without the worst possible impacts of climate change.


Nick Bristow and his family live in a traditional 1760’s stone built house which he’s improved in may ways. He’s installed high levels of insulation (including on the inside of the stone walls), energy efficient windows, and a range of renewables including solar panels, a wind turbines, a wood burning stove, and a pump that takes heat from the ground into the house.

Nick is one of a number of local householders in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire who has opened their homes to the public to inspire others to make their home more environmentally friendly.


Matlock Meadows is an ice cream parlour located on Masson Farm. The parlour is a new, purpose built building designed to be energy efficient. Both the parlour and the farm get their hot water from a biomass boiler. The farm is managed with the environment and conservation in mind. Matlock Meadows uses locally sourced fresh ingredients wherever possible and sell local produce in the shop.

Matlock Meadows is one of many businesses in the Peak District that has been awarded the Environmental Quality Mark. These are organisations that support the local economy, protect the global environment, enhance the local environment and invest in people and communities.

Local Authorities

Derbyshire County Council unveiled its 'Climate and Carbon Reduction Manifesto' in May 2019, pledging to reduce 'greenhouse gas emissions from the council estate and operations by 55% by 2022 from 2010 levels – we have so far reduced emissions by 34% from 2010'

Derbyshire Partnership Forum’s Climate Change Charter has six priority areas:


There are around 80 community groups in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire that are working to tackle climate change to help us live more sustainably. Some are listed here. They run projects focusing on a wide range of areas: good growing, energy efficiency, renewable energy and more.