Buses Make All the Difference During Nottingham’s Rush Hour

Bus lanes, bus access roads and traffic light priority have all been introduced in Nottingham to make sure that bus journeys are as quick and easy as you would expect them to be. A full double decker bus can carry up to 80 people and only takes up the same amount of road space as two cars, so buses are one of the most effective ways of moving people. This why bus lanes are important as they help move large numbers of people around the city without causing tailbacks.

Mansfield Road in Nottingham is a great example of how this works in practice. In the morning rush hour (7.30am-9.30am) buses make up just 5% of the traffic but carry 48% of the people. Plus, over 80% of the cars on their journey in are only carrying one person, so it’s a very inefficient use of the road. More on why bus lanes matter: http://bit.ly/2GJAueA