Chesterfield's 10th Annual Potato Day is Open for Orders

Want to grow your own fresh vegetables next year? Then you're in luck. Transition Chesterfield's legendary Potato Day is back for a 10th year!

Seed potato, and lots of other seeds, will be available for sale for one day only in Chesterfield on Saturday 27th January 2018. You can save money by placing a pre-order before 6th December. Pre-orers can be placed online or by filling in a paper order form and returning it. Paper forms can also be picked up in person from Inspire Community garden whenever it is open.

Don't live in Chesterfield? Collection points will also be available in the following locations: Belper, Matlock, Loughborough, Hope Valley and Sheffield.

On offer are 40 varieties of seed potatoes, alliums (onions, shallots & garlic),  legumes (peas & beans), green manures and other sundries.