Community Orchard Tree Planting Project in Belper

This planting project, supported by Belper Permaculture Network, aims to plant a network of trees in Belper that will provide food for all to share, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and save money.

​If you have a publicly accessible area in your front garden/yard of your house or business, consider becoming a part of the Friendship Orchard. This will involve planting and looking after a fruit or nut tree this winter. When the trees fruit, the produce will be shared with the community.

​Initial support and after care advice will be provided. The public will be able to find where the Friendship Orchard food is by searching on an online map or seeing a sign next to the trees.

​​Trees are £20. Hedgerow is £11 for the first metre and £5 for additional metres. Discounted prices subject to change.

For more information: