Derbyshire County Council to Debate Climate Emergency

Derbyshire County Council will debate a motion to declare a climate emergency on 15th May. The move follows a co-ordinated campaign by a number of community groups across Derbyshire, all members of Derbyshire Climate Coalition. The groups are asking the council to:

1. Declare a Climate Emergency 
2. Commit to making Derbyshire County Council a net zero carbon local authority by 2030 
3. Develop a clear plan within six months for a route towards being net zero carbon 
4. Call on the UK Government to provide the necessary support and resources to enable effective carbon reductions

Local authorities in the area which have recently declared a climate emergency include Nottingham City Council, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Wirksworth Town Council and Hayfield Parish Council.
On 1st May, the UK became the first county in the world to declare a climate emergency.