Help Shape The Future Environment of the Derbyshire Dales

The Derbyshire Dales Climate Hub (DDCH) has designed a new survey to give people who live, work or study in Derbyshire Dales an opportunity to shape the future of the Derbyshire Dales.The DDCH is a newly formed environmental sub-group of the Derbyshire Climate Coalition.

The questionnaire aims to find out what changes local people would like to see, and also what they might care to do, to improve our local environment. How might we limit the damaging effects of climate change and help nature recover? The survey only takes 10 minutes.

The more responses they get, the better! So please ask your local friends and neighbours to complete it too. Children's views are also welcome. They have already invited MP Sarah Dines and the Town, Parish, District and County councillors to complete the survey.
The online link to the survey: