Micro Car Clubs | Changing Car Use Surveys

As part of a European project, MaaS4EU, Hayfield Sustainable Transport Ltd (HSTL) has been working with people in Hayfield and New Mills to set up ‘Micro Car Clubs’. This involves two or more households sharing a car. So far, Micro Car Clubs have involved households that already know each other.

In response to Covid-19, many people are changing the way they travel. Could cars that are now used less be shared with people who are now driving more? 

HSTL have produced two surveys - one for employees and one for employers - to help identify people who might have compatible need for a car. These surveys are a resource which can be used by organisations that want to help people set up shared car schemes. They work best when focused on people who live in the same area.

Here are the links to the two surveys:

For more details, please contact Roland Strube:

07787 950629