New Buxton Repair Cafe

Buxton is joining over 1500 other places around the world this month, as Transition Buxton runs its first Repair Café on Saturday 28th September, supporting local people to extend the life of ‘stuff’ and save it from going to landfill. 

Frightening amounts of non-recyclable waste goes to landfill every year. Transition Buxton aims to help reduce the amount of waste by helping people extend the life of their toys, tools, clothes, small appliances, ceramics, soft furnishings, electronics, bikes, and more. 

A team of volunteer repairers will be in the Lower Hall at the Methodist Church on Buxton Market Place from 11am to 3pm on the 4th Saturday of each month.. People are invited to bring along broken item(s) and the repairers will work with you to try to fix your item to help it last a bit longer. 

“Our target is to repair 20 to 30 items per month which could add up to a container load saved from landfill in a year. Along the way we are being social, sharing skills, and increasing the resilience of our community. It’s a win, win!” Said Jean Ball from Transition Buxton.

There is no charge for the service to ensure that it is accessible to all, but donations are requested to ensure the Repair Café can continue to operate. Transition Buxton are very grateful to the Bingham Trust for a small grant to help get the Repair Café up and running. 

So, if your change is falling through a hole in your trouser pocket, or your toaster only toasts on one side, bring it along to the Repair Café and see if the volunteers can save you having to replace it.

Any questions contact