Online Meeting for Climate Change-focused Community Groups

Wednesday 8th April, 7pm-8pm (log on from 6:45pm if you’re new to Zoom and would like some help with understanding how it works)
Log on via this link:
Organised by Community Climate Action Network/Marches Energy Agency
This will be:

  • An informal opportunity to ‘meet’ with people from other climate change-focused community groups in the Nottingham/Nottinghamshire/Derby/Derbyshire area.
  • A chance to see how online Zoom meetings work.
  • An opportunity to talk about what support you might want from the Community Climate Action Network in the next few months while life is very different to normal. This could be more Zoom meetings, more content on our website or something else.

Online meetings can be tiring, and many of us are new to them, so we won't attempt too much in this meeting. It's an experiment to see if these kind of meetings would be of use to groups during this time.

We appreciate some of you will currently be very much focused on community responses to Covid-19. If you cannot join us for this meeting or are not ready to think about climate change at this time, but are interested in future Zoom meetings, you can let us know by emailing  
As an example of the kind of support we might offer in the next few months, back in June 2018 we organised a Zoom conference on the topic of Community-led Sustainable Transport. You can see a recording of it here. There is the potential for us to run this kind of event again (with different topics) if groups feel it would be of use in this time.