Training and Events for Climate Change-focused Community Groups

We'd like your opinion on what events and/or training we should provide in the next nine months to best support you in the important work you are all doing. Please take two minutes to help us decide by filling out this short survey:

A couple of options:

Carbon Literacy Course

We recently discovered this great course which would equip you and your community to get to grips with how to bring about the rapid reduction in carbon emissions required in the next few years. We think it could also be great for Town and Parish councils that have recently declared climate emergencies. 

Carbon Literacy Courses are nationally-accredited but tailored to their audience and the location they run in. Ours would be tailored to communities and to the geographical area the CCAN covers.

The course covers knowledge and skills around areas including:

  • The science behind climate change
  • Social equity & climate change
  • What you can do to act on climate change
  • Strategies and skills for communicating action on climate change

We're already planning a version of this course for city, county and district level local authorities in the area.

Would you like us to run this course? Fill in the survey.

Networking Events

We last held networking events back in March and they were really popular. Lots of us came together to share:

  • News of our many and diverse projects and campaigns
  • Thoughts on our successes and challenges
  • A workshop about how we sustain our groups so that they thrive in the long term
  • Time for informal conversations and networking
  • Some amazing food at the bring-and-share lunch!

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