The Sun Shines as Renewables Advice is Given at Clays Cross Christmas Market

Visitors to Clays Cross Christmas Market received some unexpected sunshine alongside advice on how to make the most of it and other renewable sources of energy in their homes.
Despite the freezing weather we’ve been having recently, there was some welcome winter sunshine as the event got going. Energy saving freebies such as TV Powerdowns and Showertimers led to conversations with visitors to the stall about a wide range of energy issues including how to install renewables and how to economise on fuel bills. MEA’s new Volunteer Renewables Expert, Miguel Bolivar, was on hand to help with the some problem solving around specific renewable energy proposals.
A number of people also took up an offer from North East Derbyshire District Council to purchase reflective radiator panels at less than half price – a welcome early Christmas present!

More than 400 Turn Out in Sub Zero Temperatures for Energy Saving Devices

Staff and Volunteers from Erewash Borough Council and Marches Energy Agency braved sub zero temperatures and blizzard conditions on 1st December to give energy saving advice and free devices to more than 400 people at a market in Long Eaton.
Just over 400 people took away items which will collectively save them more than £128,000 on their energy bills over their lifetime’s use, including TV Powerdowns and Shower Saves.
Kris McGowan of Marches Energy Agency said:
‘Luckily we were kept very busy all day so we did not feel the cold! By the end of the event we had given out our entire stock of free items for the day. Aside from giveaways, we were able to assist people with enquiries about the savings associated with switching to a water meter, installing solar panels and loft and cavity wall insulation.’


Melbourne Transition Launches with Energy Efficiency Savings of more than £160,000

More than 300 shoppers turned out for energy saving freebies at the recent launch of a new local Transition initiative despite bad weather.
Melbourne Transition launched on 30th November with a visit from an energy saving exhibition trailer, Fantastic Home, to the carpark of a local supermarket.  With help from staff from South Derbyshire District Council and local charity Marches Energy Agency, the group gave away items such as TV powerdowns ans save-a-flush bags to more than 300 shoppers to the supermarket.  These items will save shoppers a collective £160, 368 over their lifetime’s use and will also save 336,058kg of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere.
Kris McGowan of MEA said:
‘This was a very busy event despite the sub zero temperatures and occasional horizontal snow. There was a great buzz and a high level of interest.’
As well as receiving freebies a number of people were referred through the local insulation scheme or will be receiving quotes for renewables:
‘There was significant interest in solar photovoltaics, with a group of people interested in setting up a group buying scheme. These have been referred to a number of reputable installers and should be receiving a visit shortly.’

Supermarket Shoppers to Save Money Everyday on Their Energy Bills

 Shoppers at a new supermarket recently received free energy saving devices which will save them more than £100,000 on their energy bills thanks to a visit from the Fantastic Homes trailer.
The exhibition trailer, whose staff offer advice on energy efficiency and renewables, spent the day at the new ASDA store in Langley Mill on 19th November.
Around 250 shoppers received advice as well as free devices ranging from low energy lightbulbs and TV powerdowns to save-a-flush devices for toilets and showertimers to help them save water as well as energy. These items will collectively save shoppers more than £100,000 on their energy bills over their lifetime’s use.
Sarah Meredith from MEA, who spent the day working with staff from Amber Valley Borough Council, said:
‘The vast majority of visitors were concerned with saving energy costs but we also had enquiries about energy saving advice for the home and water saving issues, with many visitors having water meters.’

Local MP Powers Lightbulbs with Bicycle

Nigel Mills, MP for Amber Valley, took his turn on the Energy Bike at a recent Fantastic Home event in Ripley Market Square.
The Fantastic Home exhibition trailer, including the Energy Bike, was in Ripley on a cold, foggy market day to give out advice on energy efficiency and renewables. Despite the weather around 100 people approached the stall for advice as well as free energy saving devices such as TV and computer powerdowns and water saving devices, showersaves and savaflushes. In using these giveaways they will collectively save almost £65,000 over the life time of the devices.
Sarah Meredith, Project Manager for MEA said:
‘The TV and computer Powerdowns proved very popular, with the majority of visitors taking one... Many visitors had done little to conserve water in the past so were interested in the devices for showers, taps and toilets. There was also some interest in the Feed in Tariffs and the new Renewable Heat Incentive as well as enquiries regarding insulation.’