Carbon Footprinting, Council Offices, Worksop

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Bassetlaw District Council

Carbon Footprinting, Council Offices, Worksop


Visitors:                                                approx 25, 18 footprints calculated

Highest footprint:                                    35,233kg

Lowest footprint:                                     7,269kg

Average footprint:                                   12,203 kg   

Friday was a relatively quiet footprinting day at the Council Offices, but we had a reasonable flow of visitors and lots of interesting in-depth conversations about climate change and carbon emissions. Most footprints calculated were for staff at the Council, though we did also catch up with a few visiting members of the public.

Several people who found that they had higher than average footprints seemed to be quite deeply shocked and concerned about their high emissions. Many visitors found that despite insulating their homes and switching off lights, their footprints were huge as a result of flights or high car mileage. They were then faced with a very difficult dilemma about giving up holidays and travel to reduce their carbon emissions.

Another key issue raised during the day was the difficulty of making quick changes to lifestyles or properties. On a positive note, a few people explained that they had plans to install new boilers, cavity wall insulation or more efficient appliances, as soon as they had the cash available or other building work completed. 

As well as calculating footprints, we gave out some free lightbulbs and certificates, plus advice and information about insulation, renewable energy and recycling. The carbon footprinting stall was well supported by a display on sustainability, and awareness raising amongst council staff during the week, through emails and the intranet. The council employee with the lowest footprint was genuinely delighted to win a prize of a local food hamper at the end of the day.