Light Fantastic, Stapleford Carnival

Broxtowe Borough Council

Light Fantastic, Stapleford Carnival


Visitors:                                                    approx 700

Bulbs distributed:                                       1440

Powerdown Units distributed:                      120

CO2 saved (lifetime):                                  206,589

Retained economic benefit (lifetime):           £79,900

This was a large and well attended event which was slow to build but had a busy afternoon. The energy bike was particularly popular with the children and some dads, and we could have made a mint charging for rides on it! It was useful to have the EST stall next door as there were able to help a few people out with boiler grant enquiries.

We had a visit from the local Labour MP who received a bespoke training session on low energy lighting – he has had a number of queries about this issue recently and wasn’t really sure how to respond. We spend ten minutes going through the issues and he was sent away with factsheets and further information to help with his responses.

The local church were also very appreciative of advice and help and were given bulbs to hand out to their congregation on the Sunday following the event.

There was particular interest in the LED GU10 that we had on display and a number of people had changed most of their bulbs and just had the ones on dimmers and GU10s left to change. They were grateful to hear of places to source their replacements bulbs.

Finally it is interesting to note that as a more of the increase in understanding and willingness to change bulbs over, were had a curiously large number of enquiries from people wishing to change lights on their cooker hoods and in their fridges. Lyco and Efficient Light will be getting a lot of curious enquiries.

Saturday 5th was a great show and Andy and Marice’s assistance was invaluable.