Schools vs. Climate Change

Sun, 20/02/2022

Monday 10th January – Sunday 20th February 2022 (6 weeks)
Organised by Planet Super League

Represent your school, score green goals, play for the planet! Schools vs. Climate Change is a national schools competition ran by to raise awareness of climate action, whilst having fun and scoring green goals.

The aim of the competition is to educate pupils and their families to reduce their carbon footprint, as they represent their school. Planet Super League work with more than 50 professional football clubs to promote climate action in a fun, competitive way.
Every activity completed will score green goals and help your school climb the league table.
How does my school get involved?

  • Visit
  • Download the Letter to Parents template, Assembly, Guidance and Classroom packs free of charge to use as you wish
  • Promote the opportunity to children and staff through an assembly and encourage them to sign up at home for free
  • Complete activities in school & encourage children to score more goals with their families at home
  • Watch your school climb the league table and see the impact you are having.

Watch a case study video of Irthlingborough Junior School (Northampton) here.
For more information contact or visit