Case Studies sought for “Community Organisations and Household Energy” project

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Are you involved in or aware of any projects run by community groups or voluntary sector organisations that use home visits to support householders to carry out energy efficiency measures? This could mean “Green Doctor” schemes, volunteer-run energy audits, home visits for the elderly that incorporate energy saving advice, householders helping or advising each other, or much more.

Researchers at De Montfort University are working with the Chesshire-Lehmann fund to map what activity is taking place across the country, and to explore the impacts of these projects (on energy efficiency or otherwise), how these projects are set up and resourced, and how local and national government can best support this work.

They are looking for 12 projects to explore in more detail and are interested in hearing about as many projects as possible (big or small, urban or rural, on-going or no longer running).

If you know of any projects that may fit the bill, please get in touch with Dr Andrew Reeves at De Montfort University on or 0116 250 6569 with some details about the project and contact details. For more information about the research, see

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I'd like to be involved in this research. How do I find out more?