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Festive Salted Chocolate Caramels Workshop

Tue, 11/12/2018


Clarendon College

Organised by Nottingham Good Food Partnership


Nottingham's Network of Social Eating Spaces provides a warm welcome and delicious low cost food created by your wonderful hands and made from food surplus that would otherwise go to waste. The aim of this workshop is to show you how to make a 'good for you' delicious sweet treat. This workshop wil be delivered by Dena Smiles ex Cafe Roya Chef (Awarded Best Vegetarian Restaurant in England in 2016 in The Food Awards) and founder of No Shiz meal service/ Dena's Pop up Kitchen and Probiotic Love. The hope is that you will feel confident to share your skills with other people - maybe even run a workshop at one of the social eating spaces where you cook...or make them again and give as a gift at Christmas. A vegan soup and sourdough bread lunch will be provided.


‘Oh We Already Have Enough Helpers!’ Said No-one Ever: The Art of Bringing in Others

Tue, 15/01/2019



Organised by The Eden Project

Recruiting volunteers, attracting customers, finding new core members - bringing people in to your community project can be an ongoing struggle. Come and share challenges and ideas, hear tips and stories which have worked for others, and learn from whatever brought you to your project in the first place. This relaxed, open workshop will take place online.

More information: https://bit.ly/2DPV6kI

For joining instructions, email Pete: plefort@edenproject.com