Windmill Community Gardens Needs Your Vote

Windmill Community Gardens in Nottingham is looking for votes as it tries to raise funds for a building it can use for workshops, training, processing plants and seeds and for running gardening club activities.

The project teaches people to grow a huge range of crops and helps them turn them into delicious food, helped by volunteers from many nations who share their national dishes. They’re particularly known for their innovative and quirky reuse of materials to create garden features like trellises made from bike wheels, bottle screens and “flower” hub-caps and also for wildlife-friendly growing techniques.

The group has applied to Aviva Community Fund for a grant to build a training shed which will be much warmer and more waterproof than their current polytunnel. Now they need you vote for them. They already have a design for the shed which will be very highly insulated, include rainwater collection and have a solar panel to provide electricity. They have included the costs of all the materials in the bid to ensure they have sufficient funds to complete it, but will use reused and recycled resources wherever possible and return any resulting underspend to the funder.

Vote before 20th November:

Also looking or funding:

  • Sutton-on-Trent Sports and Community Centre would like to make energy efficiency improvements to their building:
  • St Joseph’s School Association in Retford would like to install bike parking facilities for their children:

New Day Zero Shop to Open in Buxton

A new shop which aims to reduce both packaging and food waste, is opening in Buxton in time for Christmas. Holly and Mark Day are opening the doors of Day Zero, at 30 High Street, on Saturday 1st December.

They aim to offer the community a wide selection of foods, a refill station for household and personal cleaning liquids, and also re-usables which will replace disposable items (such as safety razors, bamboo toothbrushes, and sanitary pads). They will also provide a Water Refill point.

Mark and Holly said: ‘We are creating something that we ourselves wanted to see, somewhere to shop without packaging, at a reasonable price and where you know you’re making a difference step by step. This isn’t about us (Holly and Mark) it’s about ‘us’, all of us. Every one of us is a piece of the same jigsaw and we really feel the need to build a strong sense of community where everyone knows they’re bringing about change. We’ll work with you to find out what you want to see in the shop and are already working hard to source the right products, as ethically as we can and at the best value we can offer.’

Chesterfield Community Garden Access Under Threat from Development

The future of Inspire Community Garden in Chesterfield is under threat from a proposed development that could cut off access to the garden. Inspire is a project of Transition Chesterfield which provides an organic demonstration garden on a former piece of wasteland. It is used by various volunteers and a number of children’s groups. Regular visitors include those with disabilities. A proposed healthcare facility development on adjacent land would see vehicular and disabled access to the garden cut off. As deliveries of items such as compost would no longer be possible, the project would be forced to close.

In an objection lodged with the local authority, the group have said: ‘We are not at all opposed to the development of the site or the facilities proposed but we strongly object to the lack of consideration given to providing accesses to the Inspire Community garden, and the impact on the local community, the large number of visitors to the community garden and the many volunteers who engage in this worthwhile project.’

Although the deadline for objections by post has passed, all email objections will be considered if sent anytime up to the date the application is considered. More information:

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MPs Out of Step With Constituents on Onshore Wind

Six years ago 100 MPs, including six representing constituents in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire, wrote to the then prime minister protesting the spread of onshore wind. Now it's effectively banned. 10:10 asked the constituents of these MPs what they thought about onshore wind. And guess what? 74% of them love it.
Across the UK, three quarters of people support onshore wind turbines, and the people living in these constituencies are no different. Incredibly, 73% of people in these particular constituencies would be happy to live near wind turbines and only 20% support the government’s blocking of wind.
The government is now deciding whether to keep the block on onshore wind in the new national planning framework. If you’d like them to support wind, sign this petition:
Find out which MP’s didn’t want wind: