January Newsletter Out Now!

Our January newsletter is out now and packed full of all the latest on cliamte change action in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Derby.

Nottingham Plastic Free, Zero Waste Pop-Up Shop Open This Christmas

If you want to shop plastic free this Christmas then NottmZWC, a pop-up shop, is back and offering plastic-free and sustainable shopping a every weekend until Christmas. Bring your own containers to buy from a wide range of dry bulk food and zero waste personal care and household options to help you shop sustainably and keep your plastic footprint to a minimum.

Teh shop is open each Friday-Sunday unitl 23rd December and can be found at Rough Trade on Broad Street in Nottingham.

There are store cupboard essentials in bulk such as rice and pasta, tasty wholefoods and pulses, healthy snacks such as nuts and dried fruits, plus luxuries like tea and coffee. With loads of vegan and organic options, there is also a range of household goods such as unpackaged soap, wooden toothbrushes, shampoo bars and sustainable cotton buds. Plus items from local producers too such as Nottingham's Zero Waste Maker reclaimed products, make-up pads, produce bags and un-sponges etc.

Support Available to Run a Restart Repair Event

The Restart Project is offering support to groups who want to run community events where people teach each other to repair broken stuff so that they can value and use them for longer. They’re building a network of people who want to do something about the throwaway culture around us by helping people repair stuff.
There are people in our communities who already know how to fix things, and others who want to learn. By bringing them together in a local repair event, you can have an immediate impact on waste in your area. The Restart Project takes this further by using data and stories collected from events to help demand better, more sustainable products for all. Their Fixometer tool allows you to make a note of every repair attempted, which not only enables you to measure the environmental impact of your events (useful for funding bids), but also add to a growing database of repairs around the world. This data is used to talk to policymakers and manufacturers in the fight for more sustainable products. Using real world data from local communities can help influence legislation and magnify our collective impact.

The Restart Project offers how-to guides, event-management tools and personalised advice:

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Charge Point Map Now Available

Transport Nottingham has published a live online map showing current and proposed electric vehicle charging points across Nottinghamshire, Nottingham Derbyshire and Derby. 200 charging points are being installed across the area. (scroll down to see the map)

Buy a Whistlewood Common Personalised Tile

Whistlewood Common, a community-owned woodland, are selling personalised tiles for the floor of their new eco building, a straw bale and timeber roundhouse. The floor will be made from bespoke tiles designed by local potter and Whistlewood member, Andy Mason. Each tile will feature a leaf from 16 native tree species, laid directly under the roof lantern, casting light onto this beautiful feature.

Your initials will be engraved into the front of the tile, so you can leave a lasting legacy that you can come and visit for years to come. Tiles cost £8 each or £30 for a family to pruchase four, and are available to purchase online: