New: Virtual Carbon Literacy Course for Community groups - High Peak!

3 x 2 hour Zoom sessions
Organised by Community Climate Action Network/Marches Energy Agency
Limited spaces

This is a new Carbon Literacy course which has been adapted to an online format and offers everything that an ordinary full-day Carbon Literacy course would offer. This course will equip you and your community with the skills needed to bring about the rapid reduction in carbon emissions that is required to tackle the climate emergency.  It will be delivered over three tutor-led Zoom sessions - each will be a combination of lectures, interactive activities, and discussions.

These online sessions will run:

  • Thursday 9th July 2020, 7 - 9pm
  • Monday 13th July 2020, 7- 9pm
  • Monday 20th July 2020, 7- 9pm

This course has been created specifically for Transition Buxton and other community groups in the High Peak Local Authority Area. Please only sign up for the course if you are member of a community group in the High Peak area. Please note, spaces are limited to a maximum of 10 people to allow discussions to take place. If you are interested in attending future courses, please email

*The course is being funded by the Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Local Authority Energy Partnership (LAEP), a partnership of 18 LAs in the area. It is free to attend. However, there is an opportunity to be accredited at the end of the course for a small charge. The fee charged is simply to cover the cost of accreditation.                   

Small Emergency Loans for Community Food businesses, UK's Largest Solar Farm, Bike Sales Soar and More...

National News in Brief (June 2020):


     Mute swan © Bob Gomes

World’s Largest All-electric Aircraft Takes First Flight

On May 28th, the world’s largest electric aircraft, Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, flew over Washington, U.S for a full 30 minutes and generated zero carbon emissions. Developed by Magnix, the aircraft can carry between 9-14 people and can cruise up to 214 miles per hour.

Roei Ganzarski, CEO of MagniX, said, “This first flight of the eCaravan is yet another step on the road to operating these middle-mile aircraft at a fraction of the cost, with zero emissions, from and to smaller airports,” 

“These electric commercial aircraft will enable the offering of flying services of people and packages in a way previously not possible.”

According to consulting firm Roland Berger, there are over 200 electric aircraft projects underway globally. However, further development in battery capacity is needed if we are to widely transition into using electric aircraft. The successful flight was captured via livestream.

You can watch the video of the flight here: 

Britain is Set to Reach New Coal-free Milestone

At midnight today (Wednesday 10th June),  Britain will have gone two full months without burning coal to generate power. This is partly due to the electricity demand plummeting after the lockdown was enforced. As a response, the National Grid started taking power plants off the network. No coal has been burnt for electricity since 9th April when the last coal generator was shut down.  The figures apply to Britain only, as Northern Ireland is not on the National Grid.

The previous record was 18 days, 6 hours and 10 minutes which was set in June last year.  A decade ago, about 40% of the country's electricity came from coal. Only 3% of the country's electricity came from wind and solar. Now, the UK has the biggest offshore wind industry in the world.

Cenex Electric Vehicle Study

Are you able to give half a day of your time to join an online focus group on electric vehicle purchasing?

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be able to drive
  • Be thinking about purchasing/leasing a vehicle in the next year
  • Will not have experience with electric vehicles
  • Able to join an online meeting with video and audio

If you would like to take part, please share your interest by contacting:

If you do not have the time to join the focus group, you can still participate in the study through this questionnaire.