Green Homes Grant Nottinghamshire 

Nottinghamshire residents can benefit from the Green Homes Grant Nottinghamshire, which is a Local Authority Delivery Scheme run by the Nottingham Energy Partnership, E.ON, and Nottinghamshire County Council.

This scheme allows eligible residents to benefit from free home improvement measures, including green domestic heating systems such as air source heat pumps, free solar panels to generate your own renewable electricity or hot water, and insulation measures.

The project offers a streamlined and hassle-free service – the GHG team takes care of the quotes, home surveys and the install itself! Call 0115 947 2207, or complete the online enquiry form here.

New foot-cycle Bridge Over the River Trent in Nottingham

Following a successful campaign by cycle and other local environmental campaigners, plans for a new foot-cycle bridge over the River Trent in Nottingham are going ahead. It will be the first new bridge over the Trent in Nottingham for more than 60 years. Developers hope to complete the £9.2 million project by Spring 2023.

Since it began in August 2014, Pedals (Nottingham Cycling Campaign) has been leading the campaign, working closely with 4 other local groups. In late 2019, Nottingham City Council was successfully in securing funding for the bridge as part of DfT’s Transforming Cities Fund. In December 2020, Amey Consulting were appointed by the City Council as Design Contractors.

The Bridge Steering Group, which includes representatives from Pedals (Nottingham Cycling Campaign) and Nottingham Local Access Forum, is very keen to continue to work closely with the City Council and other partners to make the project successful.

Above is a CGI visual (from Pell-Frischmann Transport Planning Consultants) of what the bridge might look like. The final design will not be finalised for some months yet. 

Slow Ways Walking Network

Slow Ways is a project to create a network of walking routes that connect all of Great Britain’s towns and cities as well as thousands of villages. 

During lockdown 700 volunteers from across the country collaborated to produce a first draft of the Slow Ways network. This incredible effort has led to the creation of 7,500 routes that collectively stretch for over 110,000km. Launch has been postponed until Covid-19 conditions improve.

TooGoodToGo App

TooGoodToGo, available on Android and IOS, is an app that lets you rescue unsold food from local shops and restaurants, that would otherwise go to waste.

The contents of the bag will depend on which items did not sell that day and you will not know what is exactly inside until you pick it up. This will not be suitable for everyone, especially those with dietary requirements. But if you do not mind the surprise, why not try the service to help combat food waste locally?

Britain Talks Climate

Britain Talks Climate, by climate outreach, is an evidence-based toolkit designed to support any organisation that wants to engage the British public on climate change. It aims to equip campaigners and communicators with better understanding of the different segments of the British public and help identify effective ways to engage people from a diverse range of values.