Funding Opportunities

Severn Trent Community Fund 

New pot of £10 million is available to support local projects, charities and groups over the next five years in the Severn Trent region. To be eligible, the project or group must have a connection to the water cycle. To apply:

Naturesave Trust grants

Grants of up to £5,000 are available to support environmental projects based within the UK. The organisation and/or project must have a website and or a presence on social media.

Fully Funded Stir to Action Places Available  

Stir to Action is working with the Friends Provident Foundation to offer 15 fully funded training places on Stir to Action's New Economy Programme, a year-long programme of 35 one-day workshops in Newcastle, Bradford, Plymouth, Bristol, and London.

See the 2020 programme here




Flight Free Campaign

Flight Free UK is asking people to pledge not to fly in the year of 2020, provided 100,000 others do the same. It’s a collective pledge, only activated once the target number of people is reached. It’s not just one person making a change and feeling that they have little impact, but a group effort which has a bigger impact and makes people feel they are part of a movement. The campaign originated in Sweden and contributed to a shift in public perception there: the word ‘flygskam’ (shame of flying) has entered the language, politicians and celebrities are openly saying they will fly less or not at all, flight bookings are down and rail bookings are up. 


Hayfield Considers Solar Array

Sustainable Hayfield’s Energy Group is exploring the possibility of a 2-5MW solar array within the Hayfield parish area. An array at the larger end of this scale would meet the total energy needs of the whole parish in tandem with other generating technologies. It would cover a number of acres and be maintenance free. 

The group are currently looking to access government funding to explore the feasibility of such a scheme and have a local landowner who is interested in hosting the scheme.

Rural communities who are interested in community energy schemes can contact for more information on the Rural Community Energy Fund:

Bamford Aims to Plant 1200 Trees

Bamford Climate Action Group has launched a project to plant 1200 trees with this amazing tree-ometer (see photo above). They will uses it to track progress. Contact them if you'd like to get involved: