Groundbreaking Nuclear Fusion Reactor Could Replace A Coal Power Station in Nottinghamshire

The government is seeking sites to build what would be the UK's first prototype commercial nuclear fusion reactor - Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP).

One of the potential sites in consideration is Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station in Nottinghamshire which is due to be decommissioned. If chosen, the prototype could be built there by 2040. Other sites are being considered across the East Midlands.
Nuclear fusion, currently only carried out in experiments, involves combining two or more atoms together. The process happens inside our sun naturally and is a potential source of safe and clean energy. 

Some experts argue that existing, proven renewable technologies offer a more economical and quicker way of tackling climate change.

Impact - New Parish Carbon Footprint Tool


Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), as part of their Climate Emergency Support Programme, has launched a community-scale carbon footprint tool - Impact. The aim of the tool is to provide small communities data on their carbon emissions, allowing them to identify where they can make a significant dent in local emissions.

Currently, the tool is focused on Parish Council level. Once you enter your parish name, the tool will display the carbon footprint for your community.

You can view your community’s carbon footprint in two ways:

  • A Territorial Footprint  
    Emissions that arise from activities within your parish boundary, including road and rail travel, industrial and commercial emissions, agriculture, and household energy use.
  • A Consumption Footprint
    Household energy use but also considers what we buy (including services) and eat, much of which is imported.

They are working on improving the tool and they would welcome your thoughts. If you would like to contribute, please email 

You can use the tool here:
More information about the tool:

Hope Valley Climate Action is looking for new Trustees

HVCA was formally granted charity status at the end of last year, and is now looking for up to two new Trustees to join (and diversify) the existing team. 

"We are new, we are determined, and we are dynamic, but there is much more that needs to be done. "

For more information, see or contact Jeremy Wight (current Chair) at

Green live BBC broadcast, potential u-turn on Cumbria coalmine application, and wales' new gas target....

National News (February 2021):

  • The live broadcast of BBC Winterwatch on Tuesday 26th January ran only on green hydrogen and battery power at the OB hub and the presenter locations.

  • Cumbria County council to reconsider Cumbria coalmine application.

  • £27bn roads plan in doubt after transport secretary overrode official advice.

  • New targets to eliminate the gases driving climate change from Wales' economy and way of life are to become law.  

Warmer Derby & Derbyshire is Successful in Energy Redress Funding Bid

Marches Energy Agency is delighted to announce that they have secured funding from the Energy Redress Scheme for their Warmer Derby and Derbyshire project, partnering with Citizens Advice Mid Mercia, for two more years!  

Warmer Derby & Derbyshire is a free & impartial energy support service for residents of Derby & Derbyshire. Friendly staff can provide advice with bills, practical help to make your home easier to keep warm, crisis support, and help with grant funding. The impartial energy advice is available on 0800 677 1332 or via  

The Warmer Derby & Derbyshire service is a partnership between the Marches Energy Agency charity and the Local Authority Energy Partnership (LAEP).