Energy Local Club (ELC) | CCAN Zoom 22/07/20

On our last community Zoom (Wednesday 22nd), we were joined about Gillian Wright from Energy Local who talked about their neighbourhood renewable energy clubs.

Energy Local allows a local group of customers and generators to form a coop - an Energy Local Club (ELC).  This enables households to club together and show they are using local, clean power when it is generated. They agree a better price for local generators and reduce their bills. Energy Local are currently replicating this model across the country and are looking for communities to share the opportunity.

If you missed it, you can find a recording of a similar talk Gillian gave as part of CSE’s & Community Energy England’s innovation lab series here:   

You can look at and play with the dashboard example:   

Alternatively, you can find a pdf of the presentation Gillian used during the zoom below: 

CCAN Energy Local overview Webinar July 2020 .pdf964.33 KB

Carbon - Coop Webinars

Carbon Co-op is an 'energy services and advocacy co-operative that helps people and communities to make the radical reductions in home carbon emissions necessary to avoid runaway climate change'.

They regularly run free webinars. Past webinars have included: 

  • Reflecting on Retrofit – 5 years on from Community Green Deal
  • Retrofitting Domestic Heat Pumps – methods and lessons from Ireland
  • Home Health Check Webinar

You can watch recordings of these webinars and more here.  

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) online resources

CAT is an 'educational charity dedicated to researching and communicating positive solutions for environmental change'.

They have lots of online resources, including fun wildlife activities for your family. Check them out here.

They have newly developed webinars that cover topics relating to sustainability and the climate emergency. 

You can watch recordings of past webinars and more here.  

Climate Reframe Project

The Climate Reframe  project aims to highlight some of the best Black, Brown, Asian, People of Colour and UK based Indigenous Peoples who are climate experts, campaigners and advocates living and working in the UK.

The project aims to make it easier for media, funders, conferences and campaigns to find them and strengthen their work. 

If you would like to view this resource in its entirety, please click here.

#TheTimeIsNow Virtual Lobby and 2040 film:

National News In brief  (July 2020):

  • On June 30th, The Climate Coalition made history with the first ever virtual lobby of Parliament:
  • 2040 is a visionary film with a positive view of the world in 2040 if we embraced the best solutions already available to improve our planet now. It is available buy and rent online in the UK and Ireland: