Heatwave is sweeping through northern India

National/Global News in Brief (May 22)

  • An intense heatwave is sweeping through northern India with temperatures hitting a record 49.2C (120.5F) in parts of the capital, Delhi. This is the fifth heatwave in the capital since March.



  • UK airlines have missed all climate targets set since 2000 except for one, a new report claims. The aviation industry sets its own goals for cutting its environmental footprint. In 2018 air travel was responsible for 7% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions.


           Government's 'Jet-Zero' plan: https://tinyurl.com/z6dnxfwm


  • Water levels in California’s two biggest reservoirs have dropped to “critically low levels” as the state faces another dry summer amid ongoing drought, according to a new report. Precipitously low water levels have already spurred mandatory water conservation measures in parts of the state.