Hope Valley Vendors

From Sunday 1st November, Hope Valley Green Ventures is launching a new green shopping service in the valley. The service will allow users to shop at their local stores from their homes (using ShopAppy) and have their goods delivered via electric vehicles (solar charged when there is sun!).

They are currently looking for volunteer drivers (aged between 25 - 70) to cover:

  • Bamford, Bradwell, Castleton, Edale & Hope:
    Tuesday & Thursday, 6pm - 9pm  
  • Hathersage & Grindleford:
    Thursday, 6pm - 9pm
    Friday, 1pm - 4pm

They are also open for volunteers that could spare a few hours for other tasks. If you would like help, even if just occasionally, please email hvgreenventures@gmail.com

Keep updated via their Facebook Page.