Light Fantastic, Keyworth Show

Rushcliffe Borough Council

Light Fantastic, Keyworth Show


Visitors:                                                     approx 600

Bulbs distributed:                                        1500

Powerdown Units distributed:                       220

CO2 saved (lifetime):                                    215,910kg

Retained economic benefit (lifetime):             £99,380

Saturday 11th July was overcast and threatening, which led to a slow start. But people got braver and realised that the rain was not coming and we eventually got very busy in the afternoon. We had Rushcliffe Borough Council next to us giving away TV powerdowns and general advice, so we were able to focus on low energy lighting and more technical renewables questions. We had a lot of enquiries about solar thermal systems, these seem very popular in the area.

The children (and some dads) loved the energy bike and many were really interested in the computer powerdowns when we explained how they worked. Many were shocked when we told them how many bikes they would need to power their games consoles (three).

As usual we visited all the stall holders as well and had a quick chat with them. One chap, Peter (photo attached), is a steam engine enthusiast who visits all the country shows in the area. He uses a light bulb display along with an ammeter and voltmeter to display the output of his engines. He had six 40 Watt bulbs in his display and was complaining about the amount of diesel he has to put in his engines to keep them alight. We gave him an 11 Watt and 15 Watt bulb to replace two of them. He was very pleased to see the instant change in fuel demand, and said he would change the rest of the bulbs to cut back on costs.