Tend and tidy the Hayfield Parish cemetery

Each month, stalwarts from the village turn out to tend and tidy the Hayfield Parish cemetery for a couple of hours. It's surprising how much can be achieved by a team of willing hands in that time. Currently, sessions are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 10-12.00p.m, but there's nothing sacrosanct about this. They'd like more people to join them, tending the area where our forebears or former friends and neighbours lie. There's real satisfaction to be had from such respectful work. No special skills are needed, just a willingness to help. Please bring your own gardening equipment. Could you help? If you'd like to offer some of your time, contact any of the following:

Lynne Bagshaw on 01663 74211, Valerie Richardson at 01663 742607, or Pete Webb on 07815 133695.