Try an Electric Scooter in Nottingham and Derby City.

Wind Mobility has been chosen to operate Electric Scooter schemes in both Nottingham and Derby City. More than 200 electric scooters will be available to hire in Nottingham during a 12-month trial. Several e-scooters will also be available to try in Derby, with details of that scheme to be confirmed by Derby City Council soon.

Key workers who live and work in Nottingham City are now able to hire an e-scooter at a discounted rate of £30 per month through a special take home service complete with helmet and charging cable. Full training and maintenance checks will be provided. Short term rentals (12p per minute) will be available to everyone over the age of 16 with a provisional driving licence.

The e-scooters are highly visible and are being fitted with integrated helmets. Hand Sanitiser will be provided on each e-scooter. They will be fitted with ‘geo-fencing’ technology which will allow the council to restrict where e-scooters can be used. Speed will be limited to 4mph in pedestrianised areas in the city. A 24-hour support line is in place to enable people to report issues

N.B:- Only e-scooters part of Department of Transport-approved schemes can be used on public roads. It is still illegal to ride any other e-scooter on public road.