Fantastic Exhibitions Save Householders Over £1 Million

Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Residents will save over £1 million on their energy bills in the coming years thanks to two mobile exhibitions. Local charity Marches Energy Agency, in conjunction with the Local Authorities Energy Partnership, have been taking the Fantastic Home, and its predecessor Light Fantastic, to events across the two counties over the last 14 months. The exhibition gives out free energy saving items, such as low energy lightbulbs, showertimers and TV powerdowns, which are donated by utility companies. The savings on electricity bills generated by items given out so far will, over their lifetime, amount to more than £1 million and will benefit almost 10,000 people.
Savings – financial, carbon dioxide emissions and water – are recorded at, the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire climate change portal.
Experienced and friendly advisors also give out energy efficiency advice and information on domestic renewables. Fun, interactive elements include an energy bike which members of the public can pedal to see how much effort it takes to power both a low energy lightbulb and a traditional bulb. Children can play a giant game of ‘Low carbon Snakes and Ladders.’
The £1 million mark was reached during an event at Erewash Waterside Festival over the August Bank Holiday. Since then Fantastic Homes has visited Sutton Bonington Show in Rushcliffe and is due, over the coming months, to visit locations ranging from Shipley Parish Room in Amber Valley and Kelham Hall near Newark to Matlock Victorian Christmas Fair and Energy Saving Week events in the High Peak area. Householders can find out when the event is visiting their area at
Kris McGowan, Team Leader at Marches Energy Agency said:
‘We really pleased that the Fantastics have been able to help so many people save money on their energy bills. The items given away will continue to save people money in the years to come. They also help combat climate change by reducing carbon dioxide – so far by more than 2000 tonnes.’





Visitors to Waterside Festival Will Save 4.5 Million Litres of Water

Visitors to Erewash Waterside Festival, which took place over the August Bank Holiday, will save more than 4.5 million litres of water in the coming year thanks to free water saving devices given out by Fantastic Home, a mobile energy and water efficiency exhibition.
Showersaves, Shower Timers and Save-a-Flush bags for toilets where given out to more than 100 people. As a result, they will be able to save one litre of water every time they flush the toilet as well as making significant savings on water use when they have a shower.
The Showersaves, which can be fitted to an existing shower, provide a lighter flow of water, and also save energy, as do the showertimers – an egg timer which can be fixed to the bathroom wall. Fantastic Home also gave away TV powerdowns and lightbulbs to help people save energy.
Over the lifetime’s use of the products those who received them will collectively save almost £75,000 and more than 130,000 Kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

Living For Tomorrow: Nottinghamshire's Community Climate Action Conference

Forever Green, Ransom Wood, nr Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Saturday 13th November 2010
Contact: or 0115 977 4664.
If you live in Nottinghamshire or Nottingham and are taking action on climate change put this date in your diary!
Nottinghamshire Climate Change Partnership is organising a FREE one-day conference for community groups taking action on climate change in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham which are taking action on climate change, and also for individuals who would like to form or join such groups.
This event will be informal but informative and will include keynote speakers from insipring community groups, workshops from community groups just like your own and service providers, a lunchtime marketplace full of information, a buffet lunch inlcuding local ingredients and the chance to network with others doing work like your own and those who can support you.
Places are limited. To book: or 0115 977 4664.

Fantastic Home saves £70,000 on it's first visit!

The Fantastic Home, a new mobile display which showcases energy efficient living in the home, visited the Festival of World Cultures in Chesterfield Marketplace on Saturday 14th August.

Staff on the display gave away items worth more than £3,000 to passerbys. When used in homes these items will collectively save people almost £70,000 on their energy bills over their lifetime.

Items given out which help to save energy and water in the home included tv powerdowns and showersaves provided by Eon and savaflush bags for toilets and showetimes from Severn Trent Water. Meanwhile, staff from Chesterfield Borough Council gaveaway energy saving lightbulbs and computer powerdowns.

The event was organised by Derbyshire Constabulary and even the police got a chance to make use of the display's energy bike to try to power a lightbulb!


Marches Energy Agency (MEA) has contacted a number of community building managers in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire regarding a free energy assessment and feasibility study which is being partially funded by your Local Authority under the ‘Banish the Inefficient Community Building’ project. The remainder of the funding for these potential studies is available through the BIG Lottery’s ‘Community Sustainable Energy Programme’ (CSEP), which can provide grants towards 75% of the cost of undertaking this work.
On 4th August MEA received notification from BRE, the managing agents of the CSEP grant fund, that the scheme will be closed to new applications at 1700 on Wednesday 1st September.
If you have received a quote from MEA but have not yet submitted an application to BRE for the CSEP grant and still wish to participate in the project, we strongly recommend that you prepare and submit your application at the earliest possible opportunity. It is highly likely that this announcement by BRE will trigger a surge of application submissions, and if your organisation is to be able to secure a grant from the remaining unallocated funding, then time is very much ‘of the essence’.
As ever, MEA will be pleased to offer advice and guidance to any organisation with the final completion and submission of the application form. MEA continues to seek to enable as many community organisations across the East Midlands Region as possible to benefit from this funding stream and from the Local Authority funding, which offers community groups an opportunity for a fully-funded, impartial study which will identify opportunities to reduce energy costs and secure CO2 savings.
MEA is seeking to contact all prospective participants in this project individually to determine whether organisations still wish to be involved and to offer such assistance as may be required.
Should you require guidance with preparing your application, or if you have any other questions about the project, the please contact: