Propagate, Prosper, Preserve - A series of Workshops

Sun, 10/06/2018


Organised by Whistlewood Common with Ryan Sandford-Blackburn

Cost: £35 per workshop or £95 if all 3 are booked

Includes handouts, some plant takeaways, food and home-cooked lunch at all 3 workshops.

(a limited number of concessionary places are available)


The second of three workshops

Propagate - Sat, 10th March. The underlying theme of the first workshop will be proliferation. It will cover planning your growing space and plant propagation.

Prosper - Sunday, 10th June. Bring life to your soil to grow healthy food for you, your family and friends. This workshop will cover ‘no dig’ garden beds, composting and mulching and green manure.

Preserve - Sunday, 9th September. Plan what to do with your harvest. Learn about making preserves and juice, as well as drying fruit. We can also cover setting up social systems, like small community groups, to help preserve and share abundant harvests.