Light Fantastic @ Hardwick Hall 2nd + 3rd May

This was not part of a wider event but designed to benefit from visitor numbers to a National Trust property on a Bank Holiday Weekend. Unfortunately the poor weather did have an effect on the number of visitors who wished to stop & chat, especially on the 2nd day when we were plagued by hailstorms and rain. This also meant that we had to limit outdoor activities and displays.
Highlights & key issues
Again many people were keen to know more about LED’s & spot lights, more attractive bulb shapes and safe disposal. There seemed to be a higher number of people who were confident that they didn’t require more bulbs from us. Generally many visitors wanted to know more about renewable energy and Feed in Tariffs, with some interest in insulation (encouraged by the cold weather). The upcoming election and future of grants for householders and businesses was a popular talking point.

Lifetime CO2 saved
51,452 kg
Lifetime financial saving