Light Fantastic, Rosliston Forestry Centre, 24/04/10

Visitors:                                               approx 200

Bulbs distributed:                                  350

TV PowerDowns distributed:                  120

Insulation referrals:                                5


CO2 saved (lifetime):                             80,672 kg

Retained economic benefit (lifetime):      £40,487


This was a busy sunny day in South Derbyshire at the Rosliston Forestry Centre. There were lots of activities for children and we were inundated with requests to use the energy bike. At one point there was a crowd of twenty children all waiting and competing on the bike to see who could light up the six low energy light bulbs. We even got caught up in a debate with a nine year old boy about what was better for the environment, watching TV or making paper aeroplanes.


There was lots of interest in the alternative bulbs that are now available and plenty of willingness to change over remaining non low energy bulbs. We spent a lot of time also discussing the most appropriate renewable technologies for homes in the area – there seems to be a great deal of interest especially in solar photovoltaics. One in depth discussion revealed that a family were spending £115 per week on LPG to heat their home. Suitable alternatives such as heat from wood or solar hot water were discussed and installers recommended.


We also had interest in insulation for homes. Five families signed up straight away and another four took contact details for the future.