Low Carbon/Eco/Climate Change Community Group Support

Transition Network: A network of grassroots Transition initiatives in the UK and beyond. Transition Towns are concerned about both climate change and ‘peak oil’ (shortages of fossil fuels). To register as an ‘official’ Transition initiative you need to fulfil some basic criteria. Sign up for free email newsletters and look on the website for links to other Transition towns, the Transition ‘primer’ document, training courses, events and more.
Resonate is the East Midlands regional network for Transition groups and other similar groups. The Facebook page allows groups to share resources and case studies and offer each other support.
Other low carbon community groups
Perhaps best of all – talk to other local groups to find out how they got started, what they’ve been doing, problems, successes, ideas for events, useful contacts and so on. We have a list of local groups on this website.