Local Authority Contacts

The following people may be able to help you in your school’s work on climate change:
Nottingham City Council
Contact: Katie Cheetham, Sustainability Education Officer
Nottingham City Council is committed to educating the next generation about sustainable waste management issues and has developed the Waste in Schools Education (WISE) project, which is a free and fully supported waste education programme for schools.
Nottingham City Council has a dedicated WISE Education Officer who works with schools throughout Nottingham and offers a variety of workshops, lessons and interactive activities to promote the key themes of reduce, reuse, repairing and recycling. All of the sessions are tailored to the curriculum and individual school requirements.


Derbyshire County Council
Contact: Anne Welch, Eco-Schools Officer
01629 539792 (this is joint landline and mobile) / anne.welch@derbyshire.gov.uk

Derbyshire County Council has an Eco-Schools Officer who can support schools with any aspect of sustainability including waste management and energy use. Support is available free to all schools in Derbyshire, irrespective of whether they are Eco Schools or not.

Services available include:

  • One-to-one schools advice on developing the school grounds and environment, energy use and waste management
  •  Help and support with environmental audits and action planning to change behaviour and conserve resources.
  • Six Waste and recycling Resource Boxes which schools can borrow for free to support their teaching about waste and recycling 
  • Waste Watchers Theatre production and workshops available free of charge for Derbyshire Secondary schools to educate year 7 and 8 children about waste and recycling.
  • Regular teacher training events and an annual conference
  • Six 'Climate Change Resource Boxes' which schools can borrow for free to support their teaching of climate change and energy conservation
This information was correct when it was provided. Please note that what each authority area can offer will differ and that what they can offer may change over time.