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Eco Schools and Related Resources
European recognised programme for environmental management designed to make a school more sustainable. Schools can self-assess for Bronze and Silver Awards. Green Flag Award valid for 2 years.
Curriculum-linked resources and booklets, ‘What’s New?’ section with information on funding, events and publications useful for promoting greener communities.
Teachers and governors in primary and secondary schools.
Pupils can often use it unassisted.
Education for sustainable development (ESD), science, geography, citizenship.
The sustainability strand of the London 2012 Education Programme.
Lesson plans and resources. The Pod has been designed to support Eco School's topics.
Teachers and Eco Co-ordinators.
A project run by Global Education Derby which brings a global dimension to the Eco Schools Programme and the Sustainable School’s Framework.
Resources covering all nine Eco School’s topics. KS1-4
Primary and secondary teachers
Sustainable Framework for Schools:
Now decommissioned by the government. Resource packs are still available.
Extensive resource packs on eight topics for KS1 through to post-16.
Primary and secondary teacher
Geography, science, art and design, design and technology, citizenship
Local Authority Resources
Activities and information on waste management, energy and climate change, fair trade
Downloads - ‘Involving pupils in Energy Efficiency Teaching Pack’ and ‘Introducing Fair Trade to your School Teaching Activities’ both suitable for KS1. Lots of useful resources.
Teachers in Primary schools
ESD, science, geography, citizenship
Information about Eco Schools in Derbyshire
Information about each Eco School topic, lots of local case studies, copies of a local Eco School’s newsletter, information on how to get more help with Eco Schools in Derbyshire.
Teachers and Eco Co-ordinators in Primary and Secondary schools in Derbyshire.
Supports work in schools on climate change, energy, waste and recycling,
Downloads of lesson plans, activity sheets, teachers’ section
ESD cross-curricular
Topics: Energy
Run by British Gas. School’s can earn ‘leaves’ for environmental projects. Leaves can be turned into prizes such as gardening and science equipment.
Lesson plans and activities. Competitions to win solar panels and free insulation.
Teachers and pupils in primary schools.
Science, ESD.
Information on energy and its uses, electricity, gas, renewable energy, Energy to Live, Energy to Learn.
Practical resources children will enjoy, packs, games and downloads, resources for 4-14 years olds.
Teachers, pupils, parents
Science, cross-curricular activities
E.ON run a number of school’s programmes:
E.ON Energy Experience is for 5-16 year olds and covers all aspects of energy use.
Plug Into Engineering allows 11-16 year olds to become virtual project managers on an engineering project.
Primary and Secondary teachers and pupils.
Those teaching the Engineering Diploma. Students of these subject.
GCSE Science and the Engineering Diploma
A European wide initiative with a carbon footprint calculator tool and an annual competition.
A carbon foot printing tool for schools, action planning tools.
Teachers in primary and secondary schools.
Energy saving tips for schools.
Energy saving tips for schools.
Teachers and parents.
Topics: Waste and Recycling
Information about glass, what it is and how it can be recycled
Resources for KS1, 2, 3 and 4 plus games
Teachers and pupils in all schools
ESD, science
Sorting and classifying materials for recycling
posters, games, for KS1
Teachers in nursery and primary schools
ESD, geography, science
Information and activities on recycling.
Information and activity ideas
Primary school teachers
ESD. Science
Information on recycling.
Lesson plans, assembly plans and project and activity ideas. Posters and stickers.
Primary and KS3 teachers and pupils.
Citizenship, Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS), PSHEE, Science, Geography and Design & Technology
Topics: Outdoors
Information about walking and cycling to school and the Sustrans Champions scheme.
Information sheets including ‘safe Routes to School’, Walking to School’, and ‘Cycling to ‘School.
Teachers in primary schools, parents
ESD, Citizenship
Information on recycling and gardening in schools
Articles with ideas for projects, printable puzzles.
Primary teachers.
Science, Design and Technology.
Help with learning that takes place outdoors.
Paid for resources to help use outdoor spaces in your learning.
Primary and secondary teachers
'WoW' is a scheme to encourage children to walk to school.
Information on setting up a campaign n your school. Lesson plans.
Parents and teachers.
Information on how to get involved in a local Forest School initiative. A database of resources.
Project in Nottinghamshire, delivering sustainable homes and lifestyles, focus on water, energy, food, waste, shelter and biodiversity
Education services for primary/secondary schools, KS2 resource pack ‘Sustainability in Practice’, fact sheet ‘Sustainable Community Guide’, visits, shop, events, news, links
ESD cross-curricular
Information on climate change, rainforests, many other related subjects and ESD issues.
Practical resources, lesson plans, activity packs, case studies, top tips to ‘green up’ your school.
Teachers and pupils in primary schools.
ESD, geography, science, history, citizenship